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Sawasdee Bespoke

Welcome to Sawasdee Bespoke, having the third generation in custom tailoring business and serving clients from the entire world. Striving to provide the clothing from top quality wool cashmere fabrics at reasonable prices and providing excellent customer service.

Suits by Sawasdee Bespoke

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We stock over 1000 imported high-quality suiting fabrics for you to choose from. Our suiting fabrics range from imported Italian and English wools, wool-cashmere blends and wool-silk blends of all patterns, designs and weaves.

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A Perfect Fit.

In order to ensure a perfect fit, we require 2-3 days with 1-2 fittings. We strive to achieve a perfect fit for all of our clients. If you don’t have 3 days in Bangkok, we can ship the garments to you if they are not completed to perfection before you leave.

Measurements are very important aspect in process of making great cloths. If you are visiting us at Bangkok. after your final fitting we take final sizes from your garments and store them, along with your paper pattern, for any future orders.

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Quality Checklist

Determining the quality of a suit can be tricky even for seasoned suit-wearers. Many details are easily overlooked during a fitting or even on a finished garment.

1: Symmetry and Aliignment

The left-right proportions of the suit should be equal. Check to be sure that central seams and features are truly centered.

4: Collar & Shoulder

Often the fabric across your shoulders will buckle if the cut is not right. A collar that juts away from your neck

7: Cuff Button Holes

At the cuff should be four real button holes. Ready made suits often feature false button holes and do not have this real button holes.

2: Fit

Your suit should not be too baggy. Often on the side of a garment that is too large. Your suit should be fit your waist.

5: Proportions

During your fitting you should have the chance to determine the exact placement of the waistline button.

8: Buttons

Buttons are the very important part of suit, jacket or shirt. Buttons should be made of real animal horns, not plastic..

3: Arm Holes

The fit of the suit around the arm holes is determined by cutting of the fabric. The fabric around the armpits should fit your body.

6: Lapel

Make sure that your labels have been hand-stitched by looking at the underside for tiny needle marks. Lapel holds and maintains roundness and shape.

9: Backing

During your fitting, besure to check out the backing that lines the chest and lapels. Without the right backing,the shape of your suit will not last.

What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Suit made within 4 days for my graduation. Suit fits perfectly and the knowledge and skills they have are outstanding.

John Savage NY, USA.
Customer Testimonails

Game is an extremely humble person who has a lot of experience and is always looking to build a lasting relationship with his clients. Will definitely meet him again whenever I visit Bangkok.

Collis Ta'eed Oslo, Norway.
Customer Testimonails

Look for Game and they will give you great recommendations for your perfect outfit with the most suitable fabric to your liking. The best tailor I ever met in Bangkok!" !

Jacob Miller Houston, USA.

Special Offers.

We are very flexible in rates.


  • One Suit
  • One Extra Pant
  • One Neck Tie
  • Free Suit Bag
  • One Cufflink


  • Two Suit
  • Two Extra Pant
  • Two Neck Tie
  • Free Suit Bag
  • One Shirt


  • Three Suit
  • Three Extra Pant
  • Three Neck Tie
  • Free Suit Bag
  • Three Shirt


  • 6 Shirt
  • 1 Cufflinks
  • 1 Neckties
  • 1Tiesbar
  • 1 Pocket Square