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our story since 1990

Our Story.

Sawasdee Bespoke was established in 1990, when the first catalog was launched. Since then, the business has expanded to that of an iconic brand known worldwide for its sophisticated, fun clothing and accessories to live, work, play and even get married in. Here our customer can see the variety of stocked material and choose the color etc. they can also see the ready made and imported items such as Men's suiting, Tuxedos, Classic Dress Shirts and other exclusive items that are in latest fashion.

Mr. Game and his father owners of the store set the industry standard for quality, design, and style by using the finest fabrics, craftsmen, and mills throughout Europe and the U.S. to create signature pieces like the Sawasdee Bespoke Legacy Blazer, fine Italian cashmere and famous broken-in chinos. Most importantly, Sawasdee Bespoke has renewed its passion for style and exceptional service as it moves toward an exciting future.

Giving our satisfied customers had been the best source our publicity which they are graciously spread by their word of mouth, recommendation among both local & foreign communities.